In the first winter of our current home, I had this favorite corner of the living room that I liked to sit in, where I could see out of three of the windows. In the late afternoon, while my kids finished rest time, I was in that spot. My favorite sight was out the front window was a birch tree down the hill. In the fading light of a winter day, when the sun hit it just right, the bare white branches and trunk lit up until it almost glowed.

Winter had taken it through its worst, and the birch tree had lost much of its rough gray bark, but that is what made the tree even more beautiful.

Whatever season we are in life,

Psalm 34:5 Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.


This is more of an invitation than a prayer. If you find yourself in a barren season of life, where the wind and storms have stripped you of protection. I pray that you may find a quiet place to sit, and rest. In that place, ask God to help you see Him, here and now, with your life as it is. Ask for eyes to see the beauty of the empty, struggling places, and how much space is held for him to fill.