Centering prayer

“During a storm at sea, the water ten feet below the trough of the highest wave is perfectly calm…” (Margaret Silf). Centering prayer is about sitting in that quiet place below the surface and just being with God, and letting him love you.

Start with an amount of time that works for you (i.e. five minutes) and if life allows, work up to a longer time.

  1. Find a comfortable position.
  2. Think about placing yourself in the center of God’s love and choose a word that will help draw you back as your mind wanders. It could be a fruit of the spirit (peace, love, joy…), a name of God that means a lot to you (Deliverer, Jesus, Savior, Abba), or a phrase from scripture (My soul finds rest in God alone. Ps. 62:1). If you’re a more visual person, maybe an image will come to mind (i.e. a baby resting in his mothers arms, the stillness of water beneath the waves).
  3. Set a timer and close your eyes. Whenever your mind loses its focus or drifts, use the word, phrase, etc. to draw yourself back in stillness with God. Some days will be more focused and others will feel completely distracted.
  4. When your time is finished take a moment to close this sacred space with God. Use the reflection questions below if you would like:
    -How was this time with God?
    -Did anything come up during your quiet?
    -Is there anything you want to spend more time praying about?