Praying the News

The story of humanity is each of our story. How can we interact with the news in a way that moves us to be more aligned with God’s love and living the prayer “your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”
As people of faith, we are taking news events and polarizing ourselves further from each other. In those cases, instead of drawing each other into a Kingdom of love and grace, we are throwing stones and tearing each other apart.

But we are not called into apathy.

Everything that happens in the world is an opportunity for us to move in love towards God and others. As Richard Rohr said: “If love is your actual and constant goal, you can never really fail.”

Anything we encounter be a chance to grow into our truest selves, created by God to bring beauty and light into the world.

Quiet: To begin, take some time either before you read the news or after you have heard a particularly moving story. Take a few minutes to quiet your heart. Rest in your identity as God’s Beloved. What do you carry as you come into this time? 

  1. Read through or watch the news story.
    Offer your initial reaction to God. Surrender that reaction to Him and ask for a heart that reflects His. Take a few more minutes of quiet.
  2. Who in the story do you feel yourself drawn towards? Who do you feel a resistance toward? Has your mind created a division between “us” and “them” or a “good vs. bad mentality?”
  3. If the fruits of the Spirit are love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control, do you see anything rise up in you that is not of the spirit? (i.e. hate, stressful striving, fear, impatience, arrogance, pride, ugliness, apathy, or impulsiveness with words or actions?).Keep in mind that sorrow over the brokenness in the world, that mirrors God’s heart. Anger at injustice or brokenness can be that which moves us towards action. Unless it turns to self-righteousness and condemnation of others.
  4. In what way can you move toward the kingdom in your own life in regards to this story?Is there a way you can move in love towards your enemy?What is your prayer towards this situation? How can you move that prayer into your hands and feet and life?*If you feel an anxious energy to act immediately, sit with this longer. This anxiousness could be motivated by many things other than love (i.e. self-protection, ego, etc).*