I am so grateful to be able to walk alongside others in the ministry of Spiritual Direction. To prayerfully hear their stories, and notice with them where God is lovingly active in their life, is a gift.

I am especially passionate about seeing women of all ages come alive to all that Christ has for them, throwing off anything that hinders. In past ministry experiences, I have worked in other cultures, with at-risk youth, with those in their last stages of life, and with women struggling with eating disorders.

I began my personal experience with Spiritual Direction in 2009. And after God used this ministry to untie many knots in my own life and walk with Him, I entered training to become a Spiritual Director. I received my certification from Christos Center in Minneapolis, MN. I am currently listed with the ESDA (Evangelical Spiritual Direction Association) and Spiritual Directors International (SDI).

I am available for hour-long spiritual direction sessions. If you are interested, please fill out the contact information below. For more information about Spiritual Direction, click here.